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Staatsverschuldung - Land-Rankings:

Der Durchschnitt für 2015 betrug 57.12 percent, bei einem Höchstwert von 197.95 percent (Japan) und und einem Minimum von 7.8 percent (Salomonen).Unten ist eine Tabelle für alle Länder, in denen Daten zum Thema Staatsverschuldung zur Verfügung stehen.

Definition: Debt is the entire stock of direct government fixed-term contractual obligations to others outstanding on a particular date. It includes domestic and foreign liabilities such as currency and money deposits, securities other than shares, and loans. It is the gross amount of government liabilities reduced by the amount of equity and financial derivatives held by the government. Because debt is a stock rather than a flow, it is measured as of a given date, usually the last day of the fiscal year.