Simbabwe: Liquide Verbindlichkeiten, Anteil BIP

(messen: percent; Quelle: The International Monetary Fund)

Simbabwe: Liquide Verbindlichkeiten, Anteil an BIP

: Für diesen Indikator, The International Monetary Fund bietet Daten für Simbabwe von 1979 bis 2005. Der durchschnittliche Wert für Simbabwe in diesem Zeitraum lag bei 36.33 percent mit einem Minimum von 23.13 percent im 2001 und einem Maximum von 50.65 percent im 1980.
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Definition: Ratio of liquid liabilities to GDP. Liquid liabilities are also known as broad money, or M3. They are the sum of currency and deposits in the central bank (M0), plus transferable deposits and electronic currency (M1), plus time and savings deposits, foreign currency transferable deposits, certificates of deposit, and securities repurchase agreements (M2), plus travelers checks, foreign currency time deposits, commercial paper, and shares of mutual funds or market funds held by residents.
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