Papua-Neuguinea: Handelsbedingungen


Handelsbedingungen, Basisjahr = 2000

 Latest value 177.43
 Year 2021
 Measure Prozent
 Data availability 2000 - 2021
 Average 97.74
 Min - Max 54.91 - 177.43
 Source The United Nations
Für diesen Indikator bietet The United Nations Daten für Papua-Neuguinea von 2000 bis 2021. Der durchschnittliche Wert für Papua-Neuguinea in diesem Zeitraum lag bei 97.74 Prozent mit einem Minimum von 54.91 Prozent im Jahre 2001 und einem Maximum von 177.43 Prozent im Jahre 2021.
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Recent values chart
Papua-Neuguinea - Handelsbedingungen - recent values

Historical chart
Papua-Neuguinea - Handelsbedingungen - historical chart - 2000-2021

Definition: Net barter terms of trade index is calculated as the percentage ratio of the export unit value indexes to the import unit value indexes, measured relative to the base year 2000. Unit value indexes are based on data reported by countries that demonstrate consistency under UNCTAD quality controls, supplemented by UNCTAD's estimates using the previous year’s trade values at the Standard International Trade Classification three-digit level as weights. To improve data coverage, especially for the latest periods, UNCTAD constructs a set of average prices indexes at the three-digit product classification of the Standard International Trade Classification revision 3 using UNCTAD’s Commodity Price Statistics, interna­tional and national sources, and UNCTAD secretariat estimates and calculates unit value indexes at the country level using the current year's trade values as weights.

 Verwandte Indikatoren Letzte Letztes Update Messung
 Handelsbedingungen 177.43 2021 percent
 Handelsoffenheit 131.08 2004 percent
  -0.666 2021
 Anteil Exporte BIP 72.16 2004 percent
 Exporte, in Dollar 2.83 2004 billion U.S. dollars
 Exportwachstum 2.72 2004 percent
 Anteil Importe BIP 58.92 2004 percent
 Importe, in Dollar 2.31 2004 US-Dollar
 Direktinvestitionen Ausland, Anteil BIP 1.03 2022 percent
 Auslandsinvestitionen, Milliarden Dollar 0.33 2022 billion U.S. dollars
 Zuflüsse Aktienanlagen, Papiere 0.00 2021 million dollars (current)
  26.73 2022
 Leistungsbilanz, in Dollar 4.50 2021 billion U.S. dollars
 Handelsbilanz, Anteil BIP 13.25 2004 percent
 Handelsbilanz, in Dollar 5.32 2021 billion U.S. dollars
 Rücklagen 3.98 2022 billion U.S. dollars
 Überweisungen, Anteil an BIP 0.01 2022 percent
 Überweisungen 3.20 2022 million U.S. dollars
 Auslandsverschuldung 62.75 2022 percent
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