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Qualität Hafeninfrastruktur: Der Durchschnitt für betrug 4.04 points, bei einem Höchstwert von 6.77 points (Niederlande) und und einem Minimum von 1.37 points (Tschad). Unten ist eine Tabelle für alle Länder, in denen Daten zum Thema Qualität Hafeninfrastruktur zur Verfügung stehen.
Definition: The Quality of port infrastrucutre indicator is one of the components of the Global Competitiveness Index published annually by the World Economic Forum (WEF). It represents an assessment of the quality of port facilities in a given country based on data from the WEF Executive Opinion Survey, a long-running and extensive survey tapping the opinions of over 14,000 business leaders in 144 countries. The score for port infrastrucutre quality is based on only one question. The respondents are asked to rate the port facilities and inland waterways in their country of operation on a scale from 1 (underdeveloped) to 7 (extensive and efficient by international standards). For landlocked countries, the respondents are asked to rate the access to port facilities and inland waterways on a scale from 1 (impossible) to 7 (easy). The individual responses are aggregated to produce a country score.
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